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Online Medical Advice on diarrhoea

Some Trusted Health Tips to Handle Traveler’s Diarrhoea

Studies conducted on travelers all over the globe has proved that 20% to 50% of them suffer from traveler’s diarrhoea. This is a condition which is similar to the usual diarrhoea where the patient … [Read More...]

Medical Advice for Conjunctivitis

Myths and Ways to Combat Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis or the eye flu as it is called sometimes is a very common problem, especially in India. It usually sets in during the monsoon season as the microbes that set off the bout of … [Read More...]

Osteoporosis treatment

Know about Osteoarthritis Symptoms & Causes

Knowledge is the primary weapon to fight against osteoarthritis, say online medical consultants. To lead the fight-back against this degenerating disease, you need to know the science of it and that … [Read More...]

Obesity protection

Obesity: The toll it takes and how to fight it

We all know, and have read somewhere or the other, that obesity is a silent killer. It lurks around in the shadows and eats away your good health. Obesity is wrapped in some myths. For example, people … [Read More...]