Online Health Care Advice for India: Use Preventive Medicines

To put it simply, preventive medicines are those that are used to keep diseases at bay before they hit home. For example, children below the age of 5 years are given polio vaccinations in India. That is a preventive medication routine. There are several other preventive medicines that are used the world over. An important online health care advice for India would be to use preventive medicines in a larger way. The population and social fabric of the country is such that it is always a good idea to prevent diseases than curing them.

If you spare a thought for the medical advice pouring in for India, you will find that preventive medicines are at its forefront. Keeping in tune with this rising demand for preventive medicines, the government at the Center as well as the different states is making it possible for more people to have access to preventive medicines. Various antibiotics, vaccines, immunizations and other drugs are used to prevent fatal and even epidemic diseases. Online medical consultants working in India are very categorical about this need and about the awareness generated in the process.

Preventive medicines need not always be drugs. Simple actions like washing hands before meals, maintaining proper hygiene and general cleanliness around are also very helpful in preventing diseases. As a matter of fact, something as basic as not allowing water to stagnate or accumulate around the house will be a great precaution against something as catastrophic as dengue. Washing clothes, food items and utensils carefully before and after meals will go a long way in combating the rise and spread of diseases. On paper it sounds so ridiculously simple but on the ground, these little things slip notice and many fall ill.

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Being healthy and maintaining health are very integral to preventive medication. It is not enough that you take medicines when ill. To maintain good health, the trusted health tips for India would be to take regular physical exercises. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyper or hypo thyroids are some problems that arise out of an unhealthy lifestyle. No amount of preventive medicine can take care of these problems unless individuals take it upon themselves to go for walks or do regular physical activity. Preventive medication also includes taking regular healthy checkups, especially for those who are above 40 years of age.

Health is not just about the physical aspect. Mental health must also be kept up! In this case, preventive medication would be relaxing and de-stressing through activities like cultivating a hobby, etc.

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