Obesity: The toll it takes and how to fight it

We all know, and have read somewhere or the other, that obesity is a silent killer. It lurks around in the shadows and eats away your good health. Obesity is wrapped in some myths. For example, people think that overeating leads to obesity. This is not true in all cases of obesity. Eating is one part of it. Burning the calories taken in by the body is as important to combat obesity. Before talking in detail about how to fight obesity, let us take a quick look at what toll obesity takes on your personal life.

Online medical advice from India tells us that the vital organs of an obese person come under extreme strain and stress. The heart finds it difficult to keep up with the blood flow required in an obese person, especially with integral veins and arteries squeezed shut by the presence of extra fat. The lungs start to puff and pant because of the additional oxygen required by an obese person. These are only two of the long list of organs that come under immense pressure to perform. The bones and muscles of the legs, for example, cannot sustain the body weight and may lead to osteoarthritis. Various complications are possible for an obese person.

Obesity protection

It is not just the health toll that an obese person has to pay for. The personal life of the person goes for a toss as well! Obese people are not able to do simple day-to-day tasks like climbing up a flight of stairs, running to board a bus or train and in cases of extreme obesity, may find it difficult to even tie shoelaces. Online medical consultants from India say that obese people are most likely to face rejection in important spheres of life, like looking for a job. Obese people have to pay additional insurance cover and their health bills are never anywhere near manageable. As a result, their savings gets consumed faster than they can earn to compensate for the bills.

Let us now look at some of the trusted health tips from India to combat obesity. The first tip is, of course, to accept the fact that you are obese. Obese people often wrap their problem with sugar-coatings to deny their state. If the doctors tell you that you are obese, you need to accept that and take measures. The first thing you should do is fix up an exercise regime. Unscientific means to reduce weight never work. Instead, they are unhealthy to the core. Get a dietitian on-board to monitor your food habits and calories.
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