Myths and Ways to Combat Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis or the eye flu as it is called sometimes is a very common problem, especially in India. It usually sets in during the monsoon season as the microbes that set off the bout of conjunctivitis germinate in large numbers at this time. We all know the symptoms and signs of conjunctivitis because at some point, we or someone near us, had this dreaded problem. It is characterized by the tell-tale redness of the white portion of the eyes and watery discharge that is highly infectious in nature.

If you check up with the reputed online medical consultants in India, you will learn about innumerable myths that surround the problem of conjunctivitis. The most popular myth is that you end up with conjunctivitis if you are anywhere near a person suffering from it! That cannot be further from the truth because it is not an air-borne disease. It is infectious, yes, proximity is not a factor here. A person suffering from conjunctivitis should not touch the things of others or use common items like soap, towels, hankies or even eye-drops.

Medical Advice for Conjunctivitis

Another healthcare advice, that our doctors at Ilaaj Online offers, is that there is no eye-drop that prevents or checks the onslaught of conjunctivitis. You cannot put in some eye-drop when some others around you are suffering from it and expect to be immune to the problem. The only caution you can take is to ensure that there is no proximity with the person, like it is mentioned above. Contamination of conjunctivitis takes place when you touch the articles used by someone who’s already down with this eye flu. Make it a point to stay away from these things.

Now, conjunctivitis affects the eyes, probably the part of your body that causes the maximum amount of irritation when it not functioning properly. You end up being inactive and incapable of seeing things clearly. That is a very serious matter and you must not be flippant about the problem because it is common. You need online doctor advice to help you cope with the problem. Ilaaj Online is just a step away from providing you with advice and other help that you require to tide over the problem. We have a team of experts round the clock and they will guide you on finding a solution. Meanwhile you can take these steps and implement them when you are down with conjunctivitis:

  • Maintain the utmost cleanliness. It is for your good and for those around you. Wash your hands and eyes as frequently as you can, especially when you touch your eyes.

  • Use chilled water or ice to help alleviate the irritation.

  • Look away from bright light and steer clear of TV and computer screens. Minimize use of cell phones or any other glaring screens. Use glares when you step out and do that only when it is absolutely necessary.

For the best medical advice, tune in to Ilaaj Online now!

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