Know about Osteoarthritis Symptoms & Causes

Knowledge is the primary weapon to fight against osteoarthritis, say online medical consultants. To lead the fight-back against this degenerating disease, you need to know the science of it and that will help you understand what you can do to combat the influence of this disease on your healthy and life. Our bones have cartilages at the joints that keep them bound together. When a person suffers from osteoarthritis, this cartilage tissue begins to fall apart. As a result, the bones no longer have a lubricating presence between them to minimize the friction. With no cartilage, the raw bones brush against each other, causing immense pain and immobility of the joint. This is called osteoarthritis.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

There are many reasons that can lead to osteoarthritis, but the most common among them is the degeneration caused by age. With age, the protein of the cartilage tissue begins to disintegrate, exposing the bones to friction. It is noted that osteoarthritis sets in among males mostly before 45 while the age is 55 for females. As the joints go through severe wear and tear over the years, it becomes difficult for the cartilage to survive. Water content gets higher and the protein fabric of the cartilage gets diluted. In some extreme cases, the cartilage is altogether absent between the bones.

Other than age, there are other factors that lead to osteoarthritis. Obesity or repeated surgeries on a particular joint can cause damage to cartilage tissues and lead to osteoarthritis. Hormonal problems like diabetes or thyroids can lead to the same problem. Some have problems in their joint structure right from birth. These are congenital abnormalities that may or may not be corrected through surgeries. In such cases, too, osteoarthritis can set in.

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Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Doctors at Ilaaj Online, the best online medical advice in India, tell us that the general symptoms of osteoarthritis will differ from one person to another. Some may show drastic breaking down of the cartilage tissue while others may have better resistance. Usually it is very difficult to check the onslaught of osteoarthritis. You need constant monitoring of the situation through x-rays and rely on the advice of experienced doctors. Your local hack is definitely not the person you should consult when you are dealing with a patient of osteoarthritis! You need the best medical advice that you can and that is where IlaajOnline is the perfect help for you.

For example, the healthcare advice team of Ilaaj Online will tell you that osteoarthritis may be an intermittent problem. In other words, the pain may remain dormant for some months or years before recurring again. So if you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, you should not move away from treatment even when the pain is not there. It can come back to haunt you anytime! Other than the medication prescribed by our doctors at IlaajOnline, they will also guide you on what exercises are necessary to stem the growth of osteoarthritis.

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