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The infrastructure of health is crumbling in India because of several factors. One of them certainly is the wide expanse of the country. Far flung areas do not have the means or the scope for proper health facilities. Medical camps set up by the Government are erratic and often do not have the required weaponry to combat diseases. The sorry state of affairs is accentuated by the ever-rising population of the country. Millions of people suffer from diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis and cardiac problems. Let alone being treated, most of these cases are not diagnosed till they have reached a very advanced and critical stage, often at the point of no return.

Ilaaj Online is an initiative that effectively designed to provide quality medical help to these people. It is not enough to have a bag of noble intentions. The planning to build up a medical support system for those who need it has to be immaculate. Coupled with the planning, expertise must be firmly on board. Ilaaj Online has a team of veteran medical practitioners. They have honed their skills in the best medical schools of India, and also across the world. Having worked in challenging circumstances for years, their ability to diagnose and prescribe medical help is second to none.Evidence-based medicine(EBM) is a relative novel concept,particularly in India.It is defined as”the conscientious,explicit and judicious use of current best eveidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patients”.However,this has now been expanded to include a group of patients or populations and also termed as Evidence Based Healthcare(EBHC), an important tool in the field of public health interventions.

All you need to call upon Ilaaj Online is access to this website. Other than seasoned medical experts, we also have a sound technical team that specializes in information technology. The aim of is to blend the best of both medicine and IT so that people can have seamless access to our resources. During our ground survey, we have also registered how people shy away from medical treatment because of the exorbitant costs. Keeping this key factor in mind, we have designed an affordable cost structure that will go easy on the pocket. At the same time, we pay special attention to ensure that the medical treatment offered is of the highest standard and quality.

The purpose of is to secure medical help for the haves and the have-nots. E-health is a relatively new concept in India. That is why the panel at Ilaaj Online strives towards educating the masses about using the computer and Internet to reach for medical help. We are looking at tie-ups with institutions that want to strike a change, like we do. We will provide computer literacy and easy accessibility to Internet so that more people can communicate with our website. Once we have touched base with those in dire need of medical attention, our medical board of professional practitioners will take over and come through with the necessary help in a simplified format.

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