Diseases have different causes. They can occur due to a single cause like genetic disorder or multiple other factors causing malfunction in human body and mind. We can all be affected by environmental factors like the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink, etc.These environmental factors are equally responsible. On the other hand, there are vector borne diseases like Malaria,Dengue.Kala-Azar and others. Genetic traits, different social habit and dietary habits can become the root cause of human illness.The symptoms of various diseases can be confusing even for an experienced doctor.Getting good quality advice is based on the information given correctly to the doctor,who analyses this information to arrive at a correct diagnosis.Sometimes this is a difficult process for a lay person who has to give this information for the benefit of the patient.Only right questions can lead to right answers.This is where ilaajonline may help.We are here to assist the people who want to know about their health problems in a simple and jargon free language. is committed to the cause of educating people of all ages about  diseases, their prevention and treatment. These can be any major or minor medical problems. The ultimate goal is to offer good quality medical advice and guidance through a very simplistic method.

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This service must not be used in any medical emergency. In such cases, the patient quickly needs to be taken to the nearest health care centre,hospital or any expert medical professional. In these instances, life saving treatment is needed to be given urgently . The general section of the site will have some articles about certain life-threatening emergencies or diseases, penned by our expert panel doctors. It is also our aim to educate people about fatal diseases such as heart attacks,asthma attacks,fits,shock,stroke and blood loss etc..

All the medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals associated with this website have experience of training in the Indian subcontinent. They have a better understanding of the social and cultural aspects of this country while solving any health care related issues discussed on this website.

Western medical science depends a lot on medical research that are used as the backbone of the medical advice we offer on this website. This is called evidence based practice. Even if research data is not available for any particular problem, the panel of specialists tries to find out an answer to all those queries based on consensus or experience.

Promoting good health, disease prevention and even individual clinical care become important parts of good medical practice. We would very much like to share our expertise of medical management  with like-minded organizations in both public and private sector. The approach can enhance the health of the whole population.

In fact, medical consultation and advice is free at present to anyone who is in need of it. Providing good quality service is the ultimate goal rather than making profit. Advice is also offered on treatment. Important suggestions are offered, but no prescription is actually planned at this stage. The panel of specialist practitioners from India and abroad discuss complex issues among themselves.

In case of every medical problem and query related to healthcare , doctors offer important advice quickly but sometimes searching a suitable answer may take more time. Once the consultation form is filled, further information may be required by the panel from the person who needs medical opinion therefore leaving a contact e-mail/mobile phone no.etc. is very important.The site maintains absolute confidentiality as the foremost principle of care to any individual person about his/her medical problem. Naturally, the best advice will come from the specialists.

You can access consultation facilities from, anywhere in the world. Get yourself registered for the purpose. It’s quite simple and easy. Real time online chat facility with physicians is also available. Details of the consultation remain private between the doctor and the patient. The patient gets the time he needs for discussing his/her problem with our online chat facility.Test reports can be easily uploaded so that our doctors can see your reports and give their views about the problem.