Managing healthcare of poor countries.

After Alma Ata declaration it was widely percieved that by strengthening the primary healthcare system many poor countries would be able to achieve health for all by 2000. But it remained a pipedream even for countries such as India which after long subjugation by a foreign power realised the need for a stronger healthcare sysyem […]

India’s Rural Healthcare

Rural Health Care System – the structure and current scenario The health care infrastructure in rural areas has been developed as a three tier system (see Chart 1) and is based on the following population norms: Table 1. Sub-Centres (SCs) 1.2. The Sub-Centre is the most peripheral and first contact point between the primary health […]


Hypertension simply means high blood pressure.Persistent high blood pressure leads to stroke,heart attacks,problems with vision and occasionally a vicious cycle of kidney damage sets in with high BP.The worst case of encephalopathy that I saw was in a young Caucasian woman of 40 when I worked as a medical registrar in a hospital in the […]


ˡ   Most of us humans are prone to various diseases beyond our control. Disease detection must occur very early and be made more precise. If genes are at fault then genome mapping should help and eventually, as the science advances further,it should be possible to detect heart disease,cancers ,diabetes,hypertension,asthma and many others at a […]

Fevers (Part 2)

  When I wrote about fevers, in the first part,I described about those causes which came suddenly and were short in duration and went away within a week to ten days mostly, but rarely lasting upto two weeks..These were mostly caused by infection due to either virus or bacteria or caused by parasites such as […]

Who cares for health (part 2)

India is a land of contrasts.There are numerous health problems which usually happen in a poor country because whatever the world may think about its rising economy India is still a poor country.The population is ,by and large,uneducated about matters of health and hygiene.The villages are remote and connectivity is meagre.Large swathes of land inhabited […]

Who cares for health

The healthcare system varies from one country to another country. Sometimes, even in one particular country it is difficult to access good quality healthcare for consumers if the system is purely profit driven and users have no choice but to count pennies in their pockets before seeking a reliable service. Who actually should be responsible […]