Fevers (Part 2)

  When I wrote about fevers, in the first part,I described about those causes which came suddenly and were short in duration and went away within a week to ten days mostly, but rarely lasting upto two weeks..These were mostly caused by infection due to either virus or bacteria or caused by parasites such as […]

Some Important Facts about Tuberculosis you never tried to know

Do we know everything about Tuberculosis(TB)? Well if your answer is yes then I must tell you after reading this article you might wonder that till now the knowledge you had regarding the most common disease in India is not “the everything you had known”. We generally think  that tuberculosis (tubercle bacillus) attacks the lungs in […]

Getting it Right: Medical Diagnosis – Fevers

Fevers are common occurrence anywhere in the world. But in the tropical country such as India, it takes special significance. I shall discuss some common causes and how to proceed in the direction of finding the main underlying cause in anyone suffering from fever.For this purpose, I am going to divide it into two groups:   […]

Who cares for health (part 2)

India is a land of contrasts.There are numerous health problems which usually happen in a poor country because whatever the world may think about its rising economy India is still a poor country.The population is ,by and large,uneducated about matters of health and hygiene.The villages are remote and connectivity is meagre.Large swathes of land inhabited […]

Who cares for health

The healthcare system varies from one country to another country. Sometimes, even in one particular country it is difficult to access good quality healthcare for consumers if the system is purely profit driven and users have no choice but to count pennies in their pockets before seeking a reliable service. Who actually should be responsible […]

e-transformation of primary health care in middle and lower income countries: a model by ilaajonline

E-Transformation of Primary Health Care complete

Dr. P. K. Mishra, Founder, IlaajOnline on youtube

In the recent conclave of e-health Leaders Forum, Dr. Mishra strongly recommended electronic transformation of Primary Health Care in India.He felt that there was urgent need to make the system more transparent in use of resources.He laid more emphasis on developing a system where rural people are involved in making decisions for running the PHC.Watch […]

Accident Alerts on Indian Roads

The population of India has never been a comfortable topic of discussion. A country of teeming billion plus, the burden of a massive population is felt in almost every public sector, be it health care or infrastructure. The yardstick of what a heavy population can do to a country is nowhere better manifested as in […]

Diabetes: The Silent Killer

Among all the major diseases that can cause serious complications, diabetes is among the rare few that creep in without as much as a symptom. Over time, it spreads its tentacles and before long, you are diagnosed as a diabetic and handed over a long list of do’s and don’ts. That is why many refer […]

Reaching the Poor

REACHING THE POOR with Health, Nutrition, and Population Services What Works, What Doesn’t and Why Health programs do not have to be inequitable. While most health, nutrition, and population services exacerbate poor-rich inequalities by achieving much lower coverage among disadvantaged groups than among the better-off, many significant and instructive exceptions exist. These demonstrate the feasibility […]