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India has always been known to the world for the diverse elements that its culture is rich with. Its economy is heading towards a steady growth and stable condition. But, still a particular section of the population is financially backward.

The age old tradition of Ayurveda started losing its sheen when India got invaded and colonized by foreign attackers. Great sages like Sushrut and Dhanwantari relied on the curing effects of traditional methods. The invaders brought along their own methods. During the early part of the last century, the British government established education in medical science and modern methods of treatment primarily in the western part of the world. Mahatma Gandhi, popularly known the ‘father of the nation’, insisted on practicing the traditional methods of treatment.

The western methods, by all means, got established in the country in a big way. These often prove to be quite expensive but in most of the cases, they go by the modern scientific methods and other statistical analysis. This is a modern consumer driven health care market. Accountability is an inevitable aspect of this modern health care market. Big cities in India have colossal hospitals. But, at the same time, treatment in such medical institutions flaunts exorbitant price tags.

The globalised world of medical science does invest huge amounts of money in the field of health care. But still a large population in the hinterlands of India struggles to get advice to cure even the commonest ailments because of high cost of medical treatment. The rate of infant mortality is still quite mind-boggling compared to many other countries in the world.

Proper medical advice can only yield out of sound medical practice. It also depends largely on the modern medical research. It is a tricky process to interpret different medical research evidences. It needs proper expertise from seasoned medical practitioners. The application part becomes even tougher.

Ilaajonline.com is indebted to the assistance of patients from India and other countries to take the help of quality health care process. Information technology is on its side to make the process faster and effective. The aim of the website remains providing quality health care system at affordable cost. It should be easily accessible to both the rich and poor. Simplicity of the process and affordability makes it beneficial for more number of people. On the other hand, computer literacy is also accessible with the help of partners and noble-minded institutions.